Welcome to Cakebrewbeta

Welcome to Cakebrewbeta

The Mac App for Homebrew.


Do most of the usual tasks you need of Homebrew. Including updating and finding problems with the Doctor!

Practical & Easy

Afraid to use the terminal? Cakebrew supports Homebrew/bundle. Export and import formulae easily!

Designed To Be Awesome

Community Aware

Cakebrew is open-source! Sweep through the code, fork, and improve it as you wish!

Easy to Use

Cakebrew was designed with the user in mind. No complicated interfaces!

Mountain Lion

Cakebrew is compatible with all OS X versions back to OS X 10.8.

But.. What's Homebrew?

Homebrew is a package manager for OS X.

With Homebrew you can install thousands of command-line applications and libraries that would require manual compilation, which is not always very straight-forward.
Cakebrew brings this to a whole new level of simplicity. Install command-line tools from an App. Could it be easier?


Download Cakebrew today and discover the wonderful world of Homebrew and its Formulae!
Current Version: 1.2.7 (Feb 7th, 2021)

Download Now via KeyCDN Get Source on GitHub

Direct Download

...or install via Homebrew

How recursive is that?

Just run this command:
brew install --cask cakebrew

Installation Notice

It is important to note that Cakebrew doesn't install Homebrew for you. To install Homebrew, please visit their website.
Installing Homebrew though Cakebrew is currently in the To-Do List =)

Homebrew Website


  • Cakebrew currently supports:
    • English
    • Portuguese
    • German
    • French
    • Chinese (Simplified)
  • In the pipeline:
    • Spanish

More Screenshots

Cakebrew has been featured on many different tech blogs and websites in different languages. Take a look!

In Russian:

In Spanish:

In French:

In Swedish:

Cakebrew Maintainer

Bruno Philipe
Berlin, Germany — Website | GitHub


Cakebrew supports all versions of OS X back to version 10.8.
Cakebrew is written in Objective-C and compiled in Xcode 10.1 on OS 10.14.6.

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